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Casepoint helps corporations achieve faster and better legal outcomes while reducing overall spend. Leverage a secure, all-in-one solution with built-in AI to meet complex litigation, internal investigations, and compliance needs.

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Why Corporations Choose Casepoint

Why Corporations Choose Casepoint

  • We help you take control of your growing data volumes to better manage information

  • We help you take control of your legal spend, and get more predictability and transparency to better manage costs

  • We help you take control of your legal and compliance obligations to better manage risk

Take Control With an End-to-End Data Discovery Platform

With Casepoint, you’ll be able to collect directly from today’s most popular platforms, with new integrations continuously launched to meet the growing number of data sources and platforms. Eliminate risky imports and exports by using Casepoint to complete your data review.

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Making the C.A.S.E.

for Casepoint


Transform outsourced and ad hoc processes to a holistic approach to the legal lifecycle. Gain improved oversight and accountability of your data, equating to stronger, more productive legal operations.


Scalable integrations, Active Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, and AI-driven workflows lead to a more efficient process resulting in an acceleration of time to insight by up to 83%.


Casepoint’s #1 priority is to keep your data safe. Our partners understand that we maintain the highest levels of security certifications and standards, and we eliminate data gaps and reduce the risks of errors or data breaches.


Streamlined Legal Hold workflows, data integrations through APIs, and AI-powered Review help our users achieve better legal outcomes and reduce overall discovery-related costs by up to 57%.

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