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Casepoint helps corporations achieve faster and better legal outcomes while reducing overall spend. Leverage a secure, all-in-one solution with built-in AI to meet complex litigation, internal investigations, and compliance needs.

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Why Corporations Choose Casepoint

Why Corporations Choose Casepoint

  • We help you take control of your growing data volumes to better manage information

  • We help you take control of your legal spend, and get more predictability and transparency to better manage costs

  • We help you take control of your legal and compliance obligations to better manage risk

Connect Casepoint to These Cloud Platforms

With Casepoint, you’ll be able to collect directly from today’s most popular platforms, with new integrations continuously launched to meet the growing number of data sources and platforms. Eliminate risky imports and exports by using Casepoint to complete your data review.
Legal Hold

See Why Our Clients Love Casepoint

Casepoint has provided a simplified but feature rich solution that has streamlined our litigation support procedures and translated into significant cost savings.

Casepoint's ability to work with us and discovery counsel on productions and the timeliness of the productions have been exceptional to any other products that we have tried

Casepoint checks all the boxes! Casepoint is an amazing eDiscovery review platform. Of all of the platforms I have used, and I have used nearly every platform available, Casepoint is head and shoulders above the pack in terms of customer service, affordability and intuitive UI.

"A Cut Above the Rest"
Casepoint is very user friendly and due to the ease of functionality buy-in from most teams is relativity instantaneous.

Casepoint has beed more than willing to adapt to our model of discovery.

When we do encounter a unique issue in one of our cases, Casepoint always finds a creative resolution to assist us. We also find the platform one of the most intuitive and easy to use.

For almost a decade, Casepoint’s technical and project management teams have been helping us find creative solutions to unique and complex eDiscovery data issues.

As our premier technology provider, Casepoint is always our first choice, and as a bonus, we receive nothing less than white-glove service from their impeccable personnel.

We selected Casepoint because their technology gives our clients and our team an extra edge – it is a powerful eDiscovery solution that allows us to work smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively, providing a direct benefit to our clients.

We benefit from [Casepoint's] guidance on best practices, including billing and cost recapture for technology support and workflow efficiencies, so we can provide the most efficient and cost-effective legal representation for our clients.

Casepoint is far more intuitive, user-friendly, and has an inviting interface. In a side by side with other products, Casepoint is the clear winner.

We chose Casepoint for the included platform features, superior pricing, intuitive interface, and the outstanding quality of the entire Casepoint staff that support the platform.

Casepoint has easy access to everyday analytics (custodians, timelines, domains, file types). Transparency of analytics encourages exploration and adoption. No user fees means more people in the organization can use and master the platform, at whatever level desired. You get your money's worth with Casepoint.

Casepoint is an advanced eDiscovery platform that legal teams can rely on from processing to production. Our firm appreciates the platform's "baked in" bells and whistles to include the analytics, CaseAssist and intuitive tools to aid with document review.

We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. This dashboard saved the day.

Casepoint is very simple to use. I love the CaseAssist feature as it opens up the analytics world with very little training. Users can play around and learn to focus on relevant information and ignore the noise. Leadership is responsive and focused on evolving along with evolving customer needs.

Casepoint is one of the most highly scalable and secure solution. Casepoint is highly reputed and always gives best possible solutions which is most reliable.

Making the C.A.S.E. for Casepoint


Transform outsourced and ad hoc processes to a holistic approach to the legal lifecycle. Gain improved oversight and accountability of your data, equating to stronger, more productive legal operations.


Scalable integrations, Active Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, and AI-driven workflows lead to a more efficient process resulting in an acceleration of time to insight by up to 83%.


Casepoint’s #1 priority is to keep your data safe. Our partners understand that we maintain the highest levels of security certifications and standards, and we eliminate data gaps and reduce the risks of errors or data breaches.

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Streamlined Legal Hold workflows, data integrations through APIs, and AI-powered Review help our users achieve better legal outcomes and reduce overall discovery-related costs by up to 57%.

How to Mitigate Risk
and Lower Legal Spend

Corporations are modernizing and maturing their legal departments to operate as business partners and risk managers. Establishing eDiscovery maturity will lay the foundation for immediate control over risk and cost, with opportunities for long-term impact across the organization. Leverage our whitepaper to elevate your organization’s maturity today.

Casepoint Legal Hold

Corporate litigators understand better than anyone — legal holds need to be issued swiftly and accurately to ensure defensibility and mitigate risk. When you’re under a duty to preserve, it’s critical to act quickly and diligently to ensure no potentially relevant information is destroyed. Learn more about why corporations are selecting Casepoint to manage Legal Holds efficiently and effectively.

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